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What's next?

Posted By Nikki Enfield, Friday, November 14, 2008

Did you just finish the campaign cycle?  Looking for the next career move?

Are you a campaign, consultant, advocacy group or labor union looking to do big things in 2009?

Then Democratic GAIN is here to help.

GAIN Career FairWhether you're a cause looking for talent or a talent looking for a cause, then the next Democratic GAIN Career Fair is right around the corner.

Democratic GAIN Career Fairs are the best place for employers looking for talented staff and political professionals looking for their next opportunity to connect to one another. Please join us for the first Career Fair following the 2008 election to find your next employee or employer!

DC Career Fair
Sunday, December 14: 11 AM - 3 PM
Trinity College
125 Michigan Ave NE
Washington, DC 20017

You can register here.  Don't miss out on this great event!

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Calling all Washington state folks

Posted By Nikki Enfield, Friday, November 14, 2008

If you haven't heard, Democratic GAIN is partnering with the WinWin Network, New Organizing Institute and DemocracyInAction to sponsor a networking reception to immediately follow the Western Organizers Summit.

Political Jobs A-GO-GO
Monday, November 17: 5 PM
800 5th Ave
Seattle, WA 98104

It's free to get in and we'll have a cash bar and some complimentary appetizers set up.  Whether you're looking for a job, looking to hire, or just interested in getting to know other progressives in Seattle, this event is for you!!

You can read more and RSVP here.

Come out for a good time with good people!

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What Everyone Wants to Know

Posted By Nikki Enfield, Tuesday, November 11, 2008
Everyone is asking - how do I get Inaugural tickets?
The answer - through your member of Congress. According to official Inaugural web site:
Tickets to the 56th Inaugural Ceremonies will be provided free of charge and distributed through Members of the 111th Congress. The Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies does not provide tickets to the public. Members of the public interested in attending the Inaugural Ceremonies should contact their Member of Congress or U.S. Senators to request tickets.
Note - tickets are only needed for the Inaugural Ceremony (Swearing-in of President-elect Obama and Vice President-elect Biden).  Tickets are not needed for the Inaugural Parade.
Good luck!

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GOTV Opportunities

Posted By Nikki Enfield, Tuesday, October 21, 2008
With 14 days until Election Day, this note is important to all of us, but especially those not currently on the campaign trail.  Our candidates up and down the ticket need our help to get across the finish line
If you're looking for the places to help with GOTV efforts, start here:

Find a candidate near you and lets put as many Democrats as possible over the top on November 4th!  If we've missed important opportunities, then please post them in the comments.

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What's Really Behind Obama's Ground Game

Posted By Nikki Enfield, Friday, October 17, 2008

In case you missed it, Zach Exely at the New Organizing Institute recently published a great piece in the Huffington Post on the phenomenal work being done by the Obama field organization.

The article, "The New Organizers, Part 1: What's really behind Obama's ground game," highlights the work of several GAIN users and members including Ohio General Election Director Jeremy Bird, Field Director Jackie Bray and National Field Campaign advisor Marshall Ganz, among others.

In addition to putting us into a position of winning a key state on November 4th, this article is an great reminder of the importance of the work we do and the impact we can make on communities.  Below are a few highlights, but I encourage you to take 10 minutes today to read it all, or better yet bookmark it for reading on November 5th!

"The "New Organizers" have succeeded in building what many netroots-oriented campaigners have been dreaming about for a decade. Other recent attempts have failed because they were either so "top-down" and/or poorly-managed that they choked volunteer leadership and enthusiasm; or because they were so dogmatically fixated on pure peer-to-peer or "bottom-up" organizing that they rejected basic management, accountability and planning. The architects and builders of the Obama field campaign, on the other hand, have undogmatically mixed timeless traditions and discipline of good organizing with new technologies of decentralization and self-organization.

Win or lose, "The New Organizers" have already transformed thousands of communities—and revolutionized the way organizing itself will be understood and practiced for at least the next generation. Obama must continue to feed and lead the organization they have built—either as president or in opposition. If he doesn't, then the broader progressive movement needs to figure out how to pick this up, keep it going and spread it to all 50 states. For any of that to happen, the incredible organizing that has taken place this year inside Obama's campaign—and also here and there in Clinton's—needs to be thoroughly understood and celebrated."

Exely continues:

"The Ohio campaign is attempting to build teams in 1,231 campaign-defined "neighborhoods," each covering eight to ten precincts. They are targeting virtually every inhabited square mile of the state. The campaign claimed to have teams in 65% of neighborhoods when I visited in early September. That's risen to 85% coverage at press time—and they are shooting for 100%. In contrast, the Kerry campaign effectively wrote off rural counties, and completely abandoned them in the final few weeks of the campaign in a last minute all-in shift to the cities."

And finally what really hit home:

"In the middle of a good organizing campaign, volunteers will stop and tell you that they are becoming better people. That's sounds cheesy, doesn't it? But I'll tell you, I wrote that line in a first draft of this article while waiting for my own neighborhood team meeting to start in Westport, Kansas City, Missouri. I looked at it and thought, "People won't buy that." I figured I'd delete it.

Then, at the end of our meeting, my neighborhood team leader, Jennifer Robinson, totally unprompted, told me: "I'm a different person than I was six weeks ago." I asked her to elaborate later. She said, "Now, I'm really asking: how can I be most effective in my community? I've realized that these things I've been doing as a volunteer organizer—well, I'm really good at them, I have a passion for this. I want to continue to find ways to actively make this place, my community, a better place. There's so much more than a regular job in this—and once you've had this, it's hard to go back to a regular job. I'm asking now: Can I look for permanent work as an organizer in service of my community? And that's a question I had not asked myself before the campaign. It never occurred to me that I could even ask that question."

Read the entire article at the Huffington Post.

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3rd Annual Netroots Nation On-line Auction

Posted By Karen Thomas Kolber, Netroots Nation, Friday, October 17, 2008

The 3rd Annual Netroots Nation On-line Auction is now open for bidding!

Bidding will be open until this Thursday, October 23rd, with proceeds going to support that fabulous annual mecca for bloggers, Netroots Nation, and our newly launched year-round regional salon series.  They've got some amazing things planned for August 13 - 16 in Pittsburgh, but in order to make them happen, YOUR ASSISTANCE IS REQUIRED!

Auction items range from once in a lifetime opportunities like lunch with Lawrence Lessig or coffee with General Wesley Clark, to OrangeClouds115's famous Cookies of Mass Destruction.  Booty like an autographed Dwight Schrute bobblehead doll as well as super cool sustenance items like Kobe beef offered by NE Senatorial candidate Scott Kleeb and his fabulous wife, Jane!  And, at the risk of sounding trite, there is SO MUCH MORE!

So, tell your friends, family, community.  Ready, Set, Bid!

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"You know you're a Politcal Staffer When..."

Posted By Nikki Enfield, Monday, October 13, 2008
For those of you out on the campaign trail(or have ever been), we thought you may enjoy a quick two minute laugh before training that next group of volunteers, jumping on the end of the day conference call.
  • Indy is not a form of music
  • No one looks at you funny when you sleep at the office
  • A perfect boyfriend/girlfriend is someone who can actually put up with your work hours
  • You know that perfect person doesn’t exist
  • You work insane hours for little money
  • And you love it
  • Your friends visit your office to make sure you’re still alive
  • Therapy is something you wish you could get for free after the election
  • Your track record, has nothing to do with sports
  • Your best friend’s name is Blackberry
  • You have thrown your best friend once or twice
  • You have played some kind of sport in your office at least once (i.e. baseball, kickball, football, basketball, etc.)
  • A reporter or your candidate has walked in on it at least once
  • You have come to work when you look like you’re about to keel over and die
  • And you did it by choice
  • Your car doubles as a closet during campaign season because frankly, you’re not quite sure when you’ll get home
  • You have gone 48 hours plus without sleep
  • Your closest friends names’ are Jack, Jim, Jose, and Captain Morgan
  • You live off of coffee and cigarettes
  • Your desk kind of reminds you of the movie Twister, well after the tornado hit
  • You watch either 24 or the West Wing compulsively
  • When your power goes out or your telephone is disconnected you immediately blame it on the Democrats, or Republicans
  • You have encountered at least 3 volunteers whom you are sure escaped from a Mental Institution
  • All your friends say how “professional and cute” you look while you’re running around on your blackberry trying to prevent Armageddon

You can view the full list here.  But while we have your attention, one of our favorites, often heard be GAIN members and users:

"After months of 80 hour weeks and no days off, you vow to NEVER work Field again...and after a week in the 'normal' world, you send your resume out and start it all over again."

This one, you can do something about now.  Regardless of whether you want to move up the letter in field, try fundraising or managing, or even get out of campaigns and into longer term advocacy or consulting work, Democratic GAIN can help.  Make sure we know how to find you by filling out our 2008 staff tracking form and then upload your updated resume to the Career Center.  You might as well do it today and sleep for a few more hours on November 5th.


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GAIN Fundraiser a success!

Posted By Nikki Enfield, Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Last Wednesday evening Democratic GAIN held a fundraising reception that was hosted by our National Chairman, Majority Leader Steny Hoyer along with Teamster’s President, and GAIN-Terry Lierman, CoS to Rep. Hoyer and Angela McMillen, ED for American Association of Political Consultantsfan, James Hoffa.  The event took place at the National Headquarters of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters on Louisiana Ave.

President Hoffa gave a rousing speech to the 50+ attendees about the importance of supporting the individuals who carry out the work of our Democratic Party and Progressive movement.  He reminded us all that each and every one of us holds a responsibility to ensure the next generation of professionals has the resources they need to succeed.

Official House business prevented Rep. Hoyer from joining the festivities, but he sent his support to the attendees via his Chief of Staff Terry Lierman.

Folks who attended spontaneously waxed reminiscent about their early days in politics and discussed what an interesting and unforgettable campaign this season has turned out to be.

Democratic GAIN thanks everyone who was involved and who turned out to show their support for our organization and it’s vital mission.

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Now SimplyHired

Posted By Seth Tanner, Friday, August 15, 2008
Quick update on posting jobs:

We have just set up all jobs to syndicate across the SimplyHired network.  SimplyHired is one of the leading general job sites, whose jobs database powers the large job boards of LinkedIn, MySpace, and other sites.

So, if you post a job on Democratic GAIN, not only do the members of our community see it, but anyone searching for a job on MySpace, LinkedIn, SimplyHired, among others, will see it.  This will help you get more applicants to your jobs.

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Great Article about jobseeking etiquette from the WSJ

Posted By Nikki Enfield, Tuesday, July 29, 2008
Updated: Tuesday, July 29, 2008
Hey all - there is an interesting article in today's Wall Street Journal that discusses a generational divide that exists in the workplace. It's the sort of thing that you may not even aware you are doing, but doing so is detrimental to your employment opportunities.
It discusses how younger job applicants are turning off their prospective employers by contacting them via text message, or using shorthand when sending thank you messages.
..."Hiring managers...say an increasing number of job hunters are just too casual when it comes to communicating about career opportunities in cyberspace and on mobile devices. Thank yous on paper aren't necessary, but some applicants are writing emails that contain shorthand language and decorative symbols, while others are sending hasty and poorly thought-out messages to and from mobile devices. Job hunters are also using social-networking sites like Facebook and MySpace to try to befriend less-than-willing interviewers.

These incidents typically involve college students and recent graduates, and recruiters say such faux pas can be instant candidacy killers because they hint at immaturity and questionable judgment."
Be aware of the fact that everything you do when applying for a job will be seen as an indicator of what you will do - and how you will interact - when you have that job. Employers in politics can be especially touchy about informal or inappropriate communication skills because, no matter what your job position or title, you will be representing your candidate or your organization at all times!

Happy Job-Hunting!

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