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Catalist knows your voters.

Posted By Patrick Burgwinkle, Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Data drives modern campaigns. Time and money need to be used efficiently and Catalist can help your campaign do just that.

When you pair Catalist’s consumer data with voter file information, you can predict partisanship and turnout with greater accuracy. That means you can send your volunteers, mail, and phone calls where they’ll do the most good.

President Obama used Catalist’s data to help him target voters in swing states during his historic 2008 campaign. President Obama’s voter contact efforts were efficient and effective- turning out record numbers of first time voters and Democrats who had voted infrequently in the past. The 2008 Obama get out the vote operation helped propel then Senator Obama into the White House.

Democratic GAIN is very excited to be hosting a training with Catalist on their versatile Q Tool. If you are interested in how campaigns are using targeting data to persuade and mobilize voters, then you won’t want to miss this training!

Sign up today!

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Need to work on your ground game?

Posted By Patrick Burgwinkle, Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A good field operation can make the difference in tight races. Volunteers knocking on doors and having face-to-face conversations with their neighbors is a tried-and-true method of voter contact. A GOTV push that turns out your supporters on Election Day and gives you the margin of victory you need is a goal of every campaign. Campaigns need to track their data: volunteers, supporters, contact rates, lawn sign locations. These are the components of a winning field program.

VAN’s Votebuilder tool helps campaigns do all of these things.

Planning a door knocking day of action? Votebuilder will help you create walks routes and allow your volunteers to easily track the results of their canvass on printed sheets, their smart phone or tablet.

Time to GOTV? Votebuilder tracks supporters and how you contacted them to help you craft effective and efficient GOTV plans.

Votebuilder also allows you to assign activist codes, track responses to survey questions, and refine the universe of voters your campaign is targeting. It’s one of the most popular platforms available for Democratic campaigns that need to manage their voter file.

Democratic GAIN and VAN are teaming up for a Votebuilder Toolset Training on Tuesday, October 18th. Learn how to run a successful field operation using VAN’s Votebuilder software, improve your Votebuilder proficiency, and jump onto a campaign as a Field Organizer in 2012. This is a training you won’t want to miss.

Sign up today!

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Raise Money and Win Races with Aristotle 360

Posted By Patrick Burgwinkle, Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Anyone who has worked on a campaign understands the important role money and fundraising play in winning races. That makes the tools you use to help run your finance operation critical to the success of your campaign. This is where Aristotle 360 comes in.

Democratic GAIN will be offering a training session on Aristotle’s 360 toolset. Come check it out and see what this software can do for your next finance operation.

Aristotle 360 will automatically format call sheets and allow you to sort them based on criteria you want – high dollar donors, residents of a certain town, occupation – and help your candidate raise money. 360 also allows you to search for donations any person has made to other candidates at the Federal and State level. That means if John Q. Donor usually gives you $500, but he gives more to other candidates, you’ll know to increase your ask and avoid leaving money on the table.

Looking to work on campaigns but concerned about your skills? Anyone completing this training will be GAIN Finance Assistant Certified on the Aristotle 360 tool. That’s a leg up when applying for that finance assistant position on a race using Aristotle’s software.

If you’re looking to jump on a race as a finance assistant in 2012 or want to expand your repertoire of skills, then you won’t want to miss this training.

Sign up today!

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