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Next Week's Must Do Training!

Posted By GAIN STAFF, Friday, June 24, 2011
It's been great getting so many resumes from GAIN members across the country the last few weeks. We're hoping to add to the list of places we're going to and get to as many cities as possible in the next few months to collect even more resumes from all of you that are interested in working on a campaign!

But before you drop your resume off with us, or even after you do, you should make sure it's in the best shape it can be.

Sign up for Tuesday's Resume & Job Search workshop!

We'll have a ton of great advice on how to do a political resume, how to write a cover letter that sticks out and where and when you'll find the jobs this cycle.

Tuesday's workshop is in person and via webinar - and we record it so you can watch it at any time that works for you! This is a must attend for anyone who's giving out the resume for a job in politics. We have just two more in person slots left - sign up today!

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Jumping In With A Resume Workshop!

Posted By GAIN STAFF, Tuesday, February 16, 2010
Hello GAIN!
I'm thrilled to be on board with Democratic GAIN! I'm very excited to be working with Alexandra to help lessen the stress of job searching and to help create events and programs to help you build your new and already existing skills.
To start things off, I wanted to make sure you're all aware of the upcoming Resume Workshop this Friday February 19th from 12 PM to 1:30 PM here in our DC office. If you haven't registered, there's still time.
Not sure if this workshop is for you? If you want to make sure your resume is making the biggest impact on those that see it, and want to know the best words and tips for making your resume stand out, then YES this workshop is for you!
We'll go over tips to get your resume noticed, how to write a good cover letter, things to keep in mind when interviewing and advice on how to use and continue to build your network to help it work for you.
This is an informal discussion and Al and I will finish up with some one-on-one time to help answer any personal career questions.
We hope to see you Friday!

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Building Your Interview Skills Webinar

Posted By Nikki Enfield, Thursday, September 10, 2009
Just in case you missed it last month, check out the video of our Building Your Interview Skills Webinar. It's an hour-long free webinar hosted by two very well-versed interviewers. Johanna Berkson, Candidate Trainings and Outreach with DCCC, joins me as we give new job seekers wisdom about interview best practices for campaigns, nonprofits, advocacy groups and Hill jobs.

Special thanks to New Organizing Institute for hosting the webinar and posting the video!

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Interview with Andy Bechhoefer

Posted By Nikki Enfield, Wednesday, May 27, 2009
Andy Bechhoefer currently serves as the targeting director at Grassroots Solutions

Out of college Andy started working for the National Committee for an Effective Congress on their targeting. After that he worked for the DCCC and the Bradley for President campaign before joining Grassroots Solutions.

1.  Describe your current job
I am the targeting director for Grassroots Solutions, a field consulting and grassroots organizing firm. I take a set of parameters (vote goal, budget, polling targets) and help a campaign or organization design a plan to reach that goal.

2. How would you describe your career path? How did you get started in progressive politics?
Like most people in this business I started volunteering and interning on local campaigns. I got a break during the Mondale Presidential campaign when they thought my computer skills would be helpful to NCEC, a PAC that was also responsible for their targeting.

The last 10 years have been spent applying those targeting skills to various campaigns. With the DCCC over various cycles I have helped them target which races to spend money on and help individual candidates design voter contact programs.

At Grassroots Solutions we use some kind of targeting in most of our programs. This includes non-campaign clients as well as campaign clients. Recently we have spent much of our time applying the latest microtargeting data to voter contact programs. Targeting is about efficiency. Our job is sometimes to make the voter contact 5%-10% more efficient. When many voter contact programs cost hundreds of thousands of dollars (and up), this efficiency can save them lots of money.

3. What are the three most important skills for success in politics?
  • Planning - Never lose sight of the big picture
  • Computer skills - whether it is database programming, web design, or Excel and Powerpoint, computer skills are important
  • Writing - One would be surprised how few people in this business can write well 
4. When you're hiring, is there anything in particular on a resume that makes you pick up the phone to schedule an interview? Is there anything that gets the resume tossed into the circular file post-haste?
Keep the resume short and focused on the types of jobs you are interested in. One page resumes are a plus, since we never look at the 2nd page anyway. The resume does not need to list every campaign job if there are dozens. The most recent jobs and the ones where you worked the longest are the most important. A good set of references is also important, as many people are hired on recommendations from people they know.

5. What would be your first next step if you were looking for a job in the progressive political world today?
Don't be afraid to go out on a campaign, even a smaller race. There is no substitute for a variety of experience. Campaigns offer a much broader experience than some DC jobs. Small races also offer the chance to get lots of responsibility at a young age.

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