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Get Linked!

Posted By Jaren Love, GAIN Intern, Monday, April 12, 2010
Today, it seems like everyone is using social networking websites! Most think of these sites as mindless distractions or just a way to keep up with old friends. However, you might not realize that these sites can help you land a job.  

The Boston Globe recently did a short piece that gives advice to job searchers on using social networks such as LinkedIn. LinkedIn, a website for professional and career networking, is a free and easy way to reach out to past colleagues and network with others in your field.  

You can read the full article here.

The best approach to LinkedIn is thinking of it as an enhanced digital resume. The site allows you to join groups relevant to progressive politics or alumni groups to take networking to the next level. Additionally, it allows you to add a little extra detail to what you accomplished at past positions and a professional looking photograph to put a face to a name. A professional presence on the web that clearly articulates your skills and talents can be a crucial next step in landing the job of your dreams.

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Did you know you could do that?

Posted By Nikki Enfield, Monday, January 5, 2009

Did you know you could do that?

Last year, GAIN launched a new web site with lots of great new features for members.  Just in case you're not already using them, here are two great tools for job seekers:

  • RSS feed for jobs - Our jobs board is available via RSS.  You can subscribe in your favorite reader to makes sure you never miss an opportunity.
  • Category Email Subscriptions - Are you only looking for campaign manager jobs?  Jobs in New Media?  Advance? Policy and Legislation? You can subscribe so that only new jobs in areas you're looking are emailed to you.  This works even if you're not looking for a job today, but want to keep track of opportunities. 

To use either feature, visit the job search page.  You can find the RSS feed at the top right of the page and can click on subscribe to set up your email subscription.

How do you use GAIN?  Any tips for other users?   Share them below.

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Wow - what a year!

Posted By Nikki Enfield, Tuesday, December 16, 2008

As 2009 rapidly approaches, all of us at Democratic GAIN are excited about the successes we've had this year!  The larger Democratic and progressive community has much to celebrate: we won the White House and increased our majorities in Congress and state legislatures across the country.  Democratic GAIN members were the life blood of these victories, so thank you!

Democratic GAIN itself has also had a successful year with our ongoing efforts to provide our members with the services they need to be successful in their careers and activities.

A few things of which we are particularly proud this year include:

We hope that these new features have been helpful to you. 

With 2009 will come continued challenges but even more opportunities, and Democratic GAIN wants to be there every step of the way to help you succeed!  Your feedback is invaluable to helping us learn how we can be most helpful to you.  Please take 2 minutes to fill out this brief survey to assist us in better helping you in 2009.

As the trade association for Democratic & Progressive individuals and organizations, we literally cannot exist without your continued support and participation, so THANK YOU also for everything you have done to make us successful this past year.  We can’t do what we do without our terrific members and registered users.

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      Now SimplyHired

      Posted By Seth Tanner, Friday, August 15, 2008
      Quick update on posting jobs:

      We have just set up all jobs to syndicate across the SimplyHired network.  SimplyHired is one of the leading general job sites, whose jobs database powers the large job boards of LinkedIn, MySpace, and other sites.

      So, if you post a job on Democratic GAIN, not only do the members of our community see it, but anyone searching for a job on MySpace, LinkedIn, SimplyHired, among others, will see it.  This will help you get more applicants to your jobs.

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      New Site Functions for Employers

      Posted By Seth Tanner, Tuesday, July 8, 2008
      We are going to be rolling out a lot of changes that are coming out with this cite.  Here are a few for employers:
      • Cover Letters: Now, directly through the website, applicants can submit short notes to you in their application, letting them respond to any specific questions you put in the posting.
      • In-system tracking: Now, you can see where applicants are in your internal hiring process and edit it within the system. You can even save a note for yourself about a particular applicant. This will make it much smoother to manage the hiring process, especially those that are done in bulk, like field organizers.
      • Improved Resume Search: Now, every word a person puts into their resume is searchable by a simple keyword search. You can even search for people based off experience level and their willingness to relocate.
      We appreciate your feedback.  We'll be having more over the next weeks.

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      And we're up

      Posted By Seth Tanner, Wednesday, July 2, 2008
      About an hour ago, we "flipped the switch" on the new site.  We'll have more later, but here are a few questions I've been asked I'd like to answer here.
      • Help, I can't search jobs! You need to be logged in to search jobs, like the old site.  Just use your old username and password, confirm your membership level, and you will see everything you want to get to.
      • Is GAIN charging for searching jobs? No.  We are implementing a new policy with regards to posting jobs only, which you can read more about here.  We're going to keep the old policies with regards to "employer" accounts active on this site until July 31st.  So try it out.
      • Has my stuff moved over? We were able to run a conversion on data we pulled from the old site on June 23rd.  So if you did an action after June 23rd, it most likely has not moved over.  We are keeping the old site up at if you want to access old information.
      I'm going to be adding to this as more questions come in.  The best way to ask questions is to use our contact form.

      Thank you for bearing with us.

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