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Raise Your Voice Campaign Training
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 July 13-16, 2012 • College Park, MD


Over the course of four days, July 13-16, 2012, we brought together recent college graduates and individuals looking to make a career change, for an intensive training on how to effectively work for an electoral campaign. This training was designed to empower and cultivate leadership within minority youth populations.  Graduates of the training left prepared to jump into a staff role on an active electoral campaign!

Thank you to our sponsors and trainers for helping make this a fantastic training!




Training topics were divided into four tracks: Field, Finance, Research, and Communications:

  • Field: Organizing the field is a campaign’s first line to interact with voters. Participants in this track will learn the fundamentals of building, growing and mobilizing a base from volunteer recruitment and management to canvassing, phone banking, and online organizing.
  • Research: Research forms the basis of all strategic campaign work. Participants in this track will learn what research is needed and how to effectively carry it out in order to support overall campaign planning, message design, audience targeting, budgeting, and field organizing.
  • Finance: As a political fundraiser, your job requires you to maintain databases, produce invitations and track cash flow, while making sure that your campaign has the resources necessary to meet strategic objectives. Participants in this track will learn the basics of developing a finance strategy, working with donors, supporting candidate outreach, and integrating all aspects of the campaign, particularly the earned media, field and research operations.
  • Communications: Campaigns’ communications offices tend to be centers of activity — in constant contact with the candidate, working closely with every other part of the campaign operation, picking up information from conversations with the media. Participants in this track will learn the elements of the campaign message, how to assess the shape of the media environment and the composition of the electorate, how to put together a campaign communications plan, and how to execute that strategy on a day-to-day basis. 


Learn more about Democratic GAIN & The Atlas Project. And, stay tuned for information on future training opportunities!



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